Employment Mission Statement:

Golden Empire Nursing and Rehabilitation Center will be unsurpassed in the quality of care provided to our residents. The environment will be a safe and comfortable place, where all who enter feel welcomed and respected at all times. The loyalty and integrity of our staff will be unmistakable, evidenced by their commitment to excellence in providing the utmost, professional, latest, best-evidence-based practice and person-centered care, treating and caring for the whole person, rather than simply addressing the disease or problem. 

Golden Empire Nursing and Rehabilitation Center will be a destination of choice for all who are in search of short-term rehabilitation, or a final place they can call home.



Golden Empire hires and retains a professional staff dedicated to caring for the whole person. At every level of employment, this ethic of concern and care takes first priority. In return, Golden Empire treats their employees very well. 

Golden Empire offers health insurance to employees who work enough hours, sick and vacation pay, a uniform allowance, and 401k Plan participation. 

Many employees have been with Golden Empire for years. Six Employees have been here 30+ years, 15 have been here for 20+ years, 26 employees have been here for 10+ years, and 125 employees have been here for 5+ years. 

If you are considering employment with Golden Empire, please download our application on the upper left hand side of this page. Job postings will appear from time to time, so check back every now and then. If you like, you may submit a cover letter with your application. 

To see what working at Golden Empire is like, please read employee testimonials to the left. If what you read resonates with you, we would like to talk with you about your future. 

Are you dedicated to service?




What makes Golden Empire the best in patient care, and a great place to work?

  • Significantly more nurses and CNAs per patient
  • Supply rooms are unlocked, meaning easy access for fulfilling patients’ requests and needs
  • Tasks which directly affect patient care have specific staff assigned to them, whereas the same tasks in other buildings are overlooked (such as oral care and stocking briefs)
  • Staff is more attentive to individual needs of patients
  • Decisions are patient-need driven and not financially-based
  • Effective communication through ECS memos, overhead paging and use of Stop and Watch program
  • Instead of using restraints and alarms, we provide increased supervision and involve patients in activities
  • Rooms are set up to decrease patient frustration and increase staff productivity (tv remote tethered to bedside table, shower in room)
  • Meals are served on trays which have specific place for each item so it is easy to locate, reduces frequency of spills
  • Two resident cats J
  • There are two refrigerators and two microwaves in the break room
  • Lower half of walls are finely carpeted so sound doesn’t bounce off walls, patients can more easily converse

Job Postings

Golden Empire is Hiring

Accepting applications for these positions:

Full Time Cook - Part-Time to Full-Time position available, some experience preferred

Housekeeping (Environmental Services) - Part-Time to Full-Time positions available.

Activities Assistant - Part-Time positions available, Saturday's and Sunday's  9:30am - 6pm. Call for other available positions.

RNs - Part-Time to Full-Time positions available; AM Shift

LVNs - Part-Time and Full-Time positions available; PM Shift

CNA’s - Part-Time and Full-Time positions available; all shifts. Competitive wages offered with acknowledgement of years of experience. Benefits available for full time positions.

Students are welcome. You can become certified in 12 weeks. Come take your first steps into healthcare with us!


Employee Testimonials


“Great team work, and we take pride in our work of taking the best care of our residents. I’m proud to work here!”

“This has been a great facility to work in. I love my staff and take great care of them, and they in turn take great care of our residents. I have worked here for 38 years and the owners always do the right thing- to make sure the staff and residents are well taken care of.”

“Best job I have ever had, I truly enjoy taking care of residents.”

“It’s like having a second family, I’ve worked 25 years at Golden Empire and I hope to have many more.”

“All the staff is like family- so loving.”

“Everyone is so nice.”

“Family atmosphere, with lots of love.”

“Fun staff keep the mood light and the residents engaged, allowing them to focus on something besides their ailments.”

“This is a wonderful facility with wonderful management.”

“Our team has been working together so that we continue to work together as a family.”

“I have been here 10 years and have worked my way up from a CNA to a nurse. It’s a very supportive environment.”

“I love the staff and the people that we help. It’s very clean here and the food is great!”

“I love that Golden Empire is like our own little community- We are all family to each other, even the residents, and there’s no feeling more rewarding or heart warming.”

“The most amazing place I’ve ever worked, with great staff and caring people.”

“They always have wonderful activities going on.”

“I’ve been here since 1980, Golden Empire Nursing and Rehab Clinic is my family. It doesn’t get better than that.”

“We work as a team to be the best facility we can be.”

“Worked here for 25 years, it’s a great place to work with great people.”

“Great place to work, family oriented with a great staff.”

“Love my job, I love to make people smile.”

“There’s a reason we’re a 5-Star Facility! Golden Empire treats its residents and staff like family.

“Good people!”

“I am proud to say I work for a facility I would put my family in. I enjoy working for a 5-Star Facility!”

“Working at Golden Empire Nursing and Rehab Clinic is like an extension of my family. I have worked here 11 years and truly appreciate it.”

“We take care of each other- we are truly a fantastic facility.” 

“Love working at Golden Empire, we are all family and are treated like family.”

“We have excellent teamwork at Golden Empire Nursing and Rehab Clinic and it’s a good feeling to go home knowing our residents are taken care of.”

“Generosity is what I like, and they’re very generous towards their employees.”

“It is the best place to work! We are never “short staffed,” you will always have enough help.”