Our Licensed Vocational Nurses are from a variety of back grounds to make a well-rounded team.

The LVNs are responsible for medication administration, skin integrity, and would care for assigned unit. These nurses are also the eyes and ears for the Care Managers and the supervisor of the CNAs on the station. Their responsibilities vary according to the unit of the facility. Many of the nurses enjoy the special care of the Alzheimer's unit. This setting is like home away from home for these special residents. The nursing staff in the unit are required to manage a wide range of special needs with these residents. The inter-discipline approach to care has made this a more personalized and effective intervention here in our Dementia unit. 

All the units are different, containing long term and some special needs residents.  

Our Medicare Unit is the newest addition to our talented caregiver areas. This unit is staffed with a very high ratio to provide the best care possible. This unit has 27 beds for one RN Care Manager, 2 LVN nurses and 4 CNAs. The acuity level is at the highest in the facility here. This is our short term rehab, elective surgeries (knee replacements), IVs, CVA, multiple ortho (Fx) and chronic conditions like COPD, CVA, CHF, and others are admitted to this special unit.

All of the LVNs are skilled and dedicated to this profession and are very caring to the residents and family alike.



Employee Testimonials


“Fun staff keep the mood light and the residents engaged, allowing them to focus on something besides their ailments.”

“This is a wonderful facility with wonderful management.”

“Our team has been working together so that we continue to work together as a family.”

“I have been here 10 years and have worked my way up from a CNA to a nurse. It’s a very supportive environment.”

“I love the staff and the people that we help. It’s very clean here and the food is great!”

“I love that Golden Empire is like our own little community- We are all family to each other, even the residents, and there’s no feeling more rewarding or heart warming.”