Tender Touch Therapy


Tender Touch incorporates therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, sensory & tactile stimulation and music to develop an environment in which a person finds stress reduction and relaxation. 

The use of therapeutic, age appropriate massage has been proven to reduce pain and muscle stiffness, helping one perform daily activities with much more comfort. 


Tender Touch can:

  •  Reduce joint and muscle pain
  •  Alleviate muscular tension due to depression, anxiety or fear
  •  Increase circulation to stiff muscles improving mobility and decreasing pain
  •  Increase joint flexibility and range of motion for the prevention of contractures
  •  Assist in the reduction of blood pressure and heart rate
  •  Improve digestion, elimination and restful sleep
  •  Increase self awareness


Our Tender Touch program is managed by our Certified Massage Therapists. You can make an appointment by calling (530) 273-1316. 

Tender Touch is not covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal or most insurance companies. It is a program available to everyone at a fee-for-service rate.

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Tender Touch Therapy 

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To the Staff,

I had excellent care while I was at Golden Empire and it was greatly appreciated. I want to thank you for the use of the wheelchair.

I've just gotten to the point being able to get down the steps to my yard without the wheelchair. It has been a great help. 

Thanks again,

Juanita Thompson