Many of our CNA staff are trained here at Golden Empire by going through the 160 hour state-approved training program. This program is taught by Amanda Davidson DSD (Director of Staff Development) along with ongoing education provided to all staff to maintain or increase working knowledge of residents admitted to our facility. This education exists to continually provide the most advanced care, and is accepted as the standard of practice in health care facilities.

This continued education is on state of the art skin care products, pressure reduction devices and alternating air mattresses, with special attention payed to positioning devices in W/C and beds that is monitored by our Occupational Therapy and Nursing departments. Come for a visit and see for yourself the caring and attentive CNAs along with our happy residents.



Employee Testimonials


“Fun staff keep the mood light and the residents engaged, allowing them to focus on something besides their ailments.”

“This is a wonderful facility with wonderful management.”

“Our team has been working together so that we continue to work together as a family.”

“I have been here 10 years and have worked my way up from a CNA to a nurse. It’s a very supportive environment.”

“I love the staff and the people that we help. It’s very clean here and the food is great!”

“I love that Golden Empire is like our own little community- We are all family to each other, even the residents, and there’s no feeling more rewarding or heart warming.”