Nicole Dupont D.O.R.



I have been working at Golden Empire since February 2016. I started part time, and then was offered a full time position as a staff physical therapist. I have been a physical therapist since 1988 and primarily have been working in skilled nursing facilities but have experience in out-patient, Acute, pediatrics and Home health. My experience as a staff physical therapist has been very positive at GENRC, the therapy team is amazing, demonstrating dedication to the quality of work and patient care.

In August of 2018, I was offered the position of Rehab Director, which I accepted under the condition of having an assistant director, which is Sharon Zanoni. I wanted to stay in patient care as much as possible and in order for this to be possible an assistant was necessary.   The staff at GENRC in all the departments collaborate will together to provide the ultimate care of all our residents and to provide excellent customer service.




To the Staff,

I had excellent care while I was at Golden Empire and it was greatly appreciated. I want to thank you for the use of the wheelchair.

I've just gotten to the point being able to get down the steps to my yard without the wheelchair. It has been a great help. 

Thanks again,

Juanita Thompson


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Pink Ladies - We are proud to have the only Pink Ladies Auxiliary in town, approximately 40 volunteers. They are dedicated to making life more enjoyable for our residents and offer beauty shop services, church services, and have a ceramics studio complete with kiln. In addition, they have provided a beautiful whirlpool, home theater, and fireplaces for the residents to enjoy. There are many other events in which they spend time and effort to make our residents feel special, especially during the holidays.