Facility Pets

Our facility pets include two cats (Boots and Zoey) that live in our Alzheimer's Unit, several cages of birds -- parakeets, cockatiels, finches and canaries -- and a total of three aquariums. Having so many pets to watch and interact with entertains our residents and makes them feel like they are at home, and that is important to us.

We are looking for a new resident companion dog. Our Beaudry used to make the rounds regularly, and we strongly believe in the positive impact dogs and animals can make on us all here at Golden Empire. 

Residents often bring pets to stay with them at Golden Empire. Ask us about your special companion, and we'll see if your pet would make a good visitor to Golden Empire while you or your loved one stays with us. 



Thank you all for being so kind and efficient. I sing praises to you all -- nurses, PT, ST, OT, Social Services, front office, all were so kind to mother and I. Dr. Claydon also and MaryMae. Hope I didn't forget anyone. Golden Empire is a well run facility -- I tell all my friends -- no complaints. The food was good also. 

Elaine Teghtmeyer