Orthopedic Post-Operative Rehabilitation


Golden Empire Nursing and Rehab Center


Feeling Cared for 24/7

Golden Empire Nursing and Rehab Center offers Orthopedic Post Operative Rehabilitation in an environment that is completely dedicated to healing and rehabilitation. Our goal is your healthy recovery through a custom-tailored physical therapy and respite program. Hip and knee replacement patients enjoy round-the-clock care from a highly-professional and caring nursing staff specifically trained in post-operative rehabilitation. We give tours and admit seven days a week, and we work with your doctors to coordinate care. 

Heal in Comfort

Suites have wifi, cable, there’s great food geared for each person’s dietary requirements, in-house rehabilitation specialists, and nurses to care for you. Patients rest, attend physical therapy sessions, eat well, and focus on healing. There’s even a pamper parlor. Patients can also drop off luggage at Golden Empire the day prior to surgery.

Taking Your Needs Into Account

In order to make sure we understand a patient’s needs in advance, patients are invited to tour GE prior to surgery, and we also communicate with your doctor. We even accompany patients to pre-op medical appointments. Each patient’s specific needs are into account, and this information is communicated to the entire wing nursing staff. 

 A Ride Home When You’re Ready

At Golden Empire, we also work to achieve a completely safe and care-free transition to home after those crucial first days of healing. For transporting patients we have three top of the line vans, two with wheelchair lifts. We also assist with at-home medical equipment, and communicate with any at-home support staff so they are ready for when you get back home. 

Play It Safe With Us

It is especially important to avoid reinjury in the first days following surgery, when healing is most crucial. Revision surgery or procedures can be far less effective, and expensive. Especially if insurance will cover the costs, why not play it safe and recuperate at Golden Empire Nursing and Rehab Center? You'll be in a secure, healing-oriented facility.


How We Take Care of 

You and Your Loved Ones

Golden Empire has thorough process to ensure successful post-surgical recuperation and rehabilitation. Golden Empire works exclusively with Orthopedic Surgeons and Orthopedic Doctors to take care of their patients post-surgery. As part of our Post-Surgical Care process, Golden Empire can:

  • Assesses patients while they are in the hospital to make sure that Golden Empire has everything in place to take care of their recuperative and rehabilitative needs. 
  • Works with the patient’s surgeon(s) and doctors to make sure Golden Empire is completely aware of their medical condition(s) and rehabilitative requirements.
  • Works with Golden Empire Admissions Coordinator Diane to make sure admitting is taken care of.
  • Works to make sure patients have a stress-free and safe transfer from hospital to Golden Empire.
  • Works with Golden Empire Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy staff to make sure they put a program in place for the patient, per the doctors’ and patient’s wishes.
  • Maintains communication with Golden Empire care providers in order to communicate their progress to doctors and family members.
  • Keeps doctors and family members informed of the patient’s rehabilitative progress the entire time they are at Golden Empire.
  • Informs doctors prior to each patient’s discharge with the knowledge of which home care company the patient will be working with while at home.
  • Works to make sure patients have a stress-free and safe transfer from Golden Empire to home. Golden Empire has top-of-the-line wheelchair-equipped patient transportation vans, which are available for such transport needs.   

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Dear Golden Empire,

Thank you for the wonderful care I received while recovering from my injuries over the past two months. Everyone was so caring, kind and sensitive to my needs the entire time. I am amazed at what a wonderful staff in the In House Rehabilitation Department.

I am also confident that the rapid improvement I made is due to the help and everyone's attitude; you made a difficult and stressful event be not just tolerable but as pleasant as humanly possible.

Mary Martinez