Nursing Care

Residents are admitted to GENRC for short term and long term care. Admissions are from acute care hospitals in and out of the Area, from other skilled nursing facilities, assisted living and from private homes.

Each resident is evaluated by specialists in their fields and receive limited-assist to total care.

The areas listed below are provided by our highly trained Certified Nursing Assistants. 

  • Dining - ranging from independent to requiring one on one for meals.
  • Bathing - ranging from showers, bed bath and alternative bathing for our Dementia care.
  • Dressing - independent to dependent for changing clothing.
  • Toileting - independent to a variety of incontinent levels of care including colostomy care.
  • Ambulating - independent to wheel chair bound, with several interventions for restoring mobility to their highest level possible by our Restorative Nursing Aides.
  • Grooming - this is personalized per residents' preferences. Hair Dresser is available weekly, makeup and manicures are available daily.  

Other Services Available

  • Personal shopping is available for residents at family request.
  • Transportation to appointments, shopping and special occasions can be available.

Units in Facility

  • Higher levels of care are available on our Medicare unit. This care ranges from URI's, UTI's, IV's, Wound Doctor visits, complicated orthopedic procedures and multiple other conditions. 
  • Our in-house Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology Therapist evaluates each resident on admission to ensure all needs are managed.
  • Our Alzheimers secured unit is one of a kind in this Area. Designed and developed by professionals in the needs of dementia care and Alzheimer's disease.